Sunday, September 09, 2007


I have been nominated....

By my good friend Stephe for the Nice Matters Award.

"This award is for bloggers who are nice people, good blog friends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world"

Stephe and I became friends when we met on the Jan. 2006 DTC Yahoo group. Stephe is a sweet, kind hearted and the most creative person I know. Stephe will be a great mom. She is single and is more prepared to be a mom then most married couples I know. Her daughter Giorgi Danette is going to be so loved by Stephe and by all of us who love Stephe.

Stephe, Thank you so much for nominating me for this Blogging award. Blogging has really been an outlet for my thoughts,feelings and frustrations but more then that it has been an avenue to make great lasting friends who mean the world to me and will one day mean the world to my daughter.
I'm supposed to pass this award along to seven other bloggy friends. Only seven??? Okay, here they are:

1. Susan L at As we Wait for Lily Kate
2. Cheri at Our Hope and Dreams
3. Wendy at Charmed in China
4. Melissa at Waiting for Lily
5. Dannye at LayDFrog
6. Sharon at Journey to Mary Alice
7. Christine at Our Journey to Mary Anne


Cheri said...

Aww...thank you so much for nominating me!! Love ya!! :)

Lily Kate's Mom said...

Thanks for nominating me my dear!

Dannye said...

what a sweet nomination, thanks!