Friday, January 29, 2010

Reunion time

We had a GREAT month......

Jan 4th Sophia started school and loved it. We were so happy that she really seemed to enjoy going and the new environment. We of course have all had some adjusting to do to the new schedule but I think things are going pretty normally with the whole experience. You know moms always worry to much and i am no exception. School has been a lesson for me as well as for Sophia in letting go and letting grow.....

On Jan 16th we took vacation and meat with three of the other families we traveled to China with when we adopted Sophia. We spent a week with them enjoying each others company and of course enjoying the kids. There were five kids total and it was such a wonderful thing to see how they have all grown and changed so much since our time together in China. The girls all love each other and played together really well considering they are all pretty much the same age (2 1/5 to 3 years old). Savannah is such a great little southern city and provided the perfect backdrop for some really great pictures. We spent most of the week strolling around from one coffee shop to the next or from one Pub to the next. Lots of coffee, wine, and best of all laughter. We just love the families we traveled with and feel VERY fortunate to call them life long friends. We are already planning for next years reunion....LOL .. here are a few pictures from the trip..

LilyKate Love, Claire Palumbo, Sophia Rizzo, Eleanor Love and Stephanie Gonzalas

February promises to be a busy month for us with things planned for several weekends. We are going to do a Journey to Discovery program at Sophia's School on Feb. 6th. This program is designed to help parents fully understand the Montessori method of learning. We are really looking forward to this. I really want to get Sophia into an Art class so I am on the hunt for something age appropriate in our area. If you know of anything please drop me a line. We are excited that this year Chinese New Year falls on Valentines Day. The decoration possibilities have me giddy LOL...not sure what are plans are yet but it should be fun. The weather has been so wonderful this week that we are going to squeeze a trip into Disney World on Saturday.

We are still waiting for a fingerprinting appointment from USCIS so we can move forward with our second adoption. Riz and I are both anxious to complete this and bring a sister home for Sophia.


Jackie said...

All these pics are just gorgeous. What a blessing to be able to spend that time with each other!

I am sooo excited for you guys and I just can't wait until "Your Daughter's List" comes out!!!


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