Monday, April 20, 2009

Jiangxichildren : Jiangxi Province Children

I belong to several yahoo groups all for different reasons. Shortly after receiving Sophia's referral I joined a yahoo group that is for the Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi is where Sophia is from, Wanzai city to be exact. The Jiangxi yahoo group much like other province groups are very helpful to information starved families that are waiting to travel to get their children. They help to educate families about what to expect when they travel. They connect families to others that have adopted from the same area. Once home they help to keep you connected to what is going on in that province and with the children that have come home from there.

Below I have included the link to the group

Today I clicked on the group to see if there was anything new going on. Much to my delighted surprise up popped Sophia's pretty little face. A few weeks back the moderator of the group asked all of us to send a referral photo along with a current photo of our children so that they could be shared on the home page of the group. I was so excited and proud to see her on the home page. Here is the photo they used..
I am so proud of her and I swear she just keeps getting prettier everyday

Sophia at 6 months old and Sophia at 22 months old


Sherri & Todd said...

wow what a change in so little time.


Sherri & Todd said...

I forgot to add that I saw your videoes on youtube and your referral day and I balled like a baby, even though it was months ago. I just loved it and the phone ringing in the back ground I would have let that ring

Stephanie and Jamie said...

I have to agree- she does keep getting prettier every day! Of course, we think the same thing about Lily!

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Yes, she does keep getting prettier! I love these pictures side by side!

I totally missed the yahoo group post about the pics...I haven't been keeping up with them lately.

Sophia looks so pretty in pink!

Linda said...

Sophia was a beautiful baby and is sure a beautiful girl!! They do get prettier every day don't they?? Linda

AG'smoma said...

She does get prettier every day!!

Dita said...

She was gorgeous than and she's gorgeous now. Yes, she IS getting prettier every day. Love has a way of doing that to people!


Cheri and Shane said...

Oh my gosh....has she grown!! :)

Mel said...

She is just a doll and is the sweetest little thing:)