Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do something, do anything

November is National Adoption Awareness month. Riz and I have been blessed beyond measure with a beautiful daughter. Sophia is our dream come true. One night while visiting our best friends, Lisa's mom, Bonnie was looking at Sophia and said to us This is what an answered prayer looks like. That touched me and I will always remember her saying that, it is so true. Our prayers were answered in a big way. Three years ago when we started the adoption Riz and I felt the need to do something to help the orphans that were in China, some of which may never be adopted. We decided to sponsor a child through Half The Sky. We have done this for 3 years now and have been happy to do it. For the price of a dinner out we are able to provide the loving arms of a foster mother to a child in China. We provide the loving touch of a trained nanny.It is worth eating at home a few nights to provide this care to children who need it so desperately. We have seen the benefits of these programs in children that we know. We have seen first hand the impact that these programs have on children. We ask you to do something, do anything you can to help the orphans of China.

Below are links to some of the many charitable organizations that provide a wide array of services to the orphans of China. The video was posted to our local FCC group by a mother who traveled with the women in the green when she adopted her daughter.

Warning you will need tissues....

Half The Sky

Love Without Boundries

Starfish Foster Home

Our Chinese Daughters Foundation

Shaohannah's Hope

A Mothers Love for china

Altrusa International Foundation

We want to announce to all of our readers that the blog is in for some changes. Please stay tuned.... We want you all to follow along and hopefully we wont loose anyone in the process. If by some chance you know of someone who reads our blog please pass it along that there are changes coming very soon that they will need to be around for...and NO we are not adopting least not yet!


Jonni said...

Hi Susan. It's great to meet you. Your blog is so nice and your daughter Sophia is so beautiful. I am so excited to follow your blog and can't wait to see what the surprise is.

Jonni :)

Sherri & Todd said...

Hey Susan i'm so sorry that you have been waiting as long to connect to our blog. I forgot that maybe you had to old site address. I noticed that you have visited and thanks!! Once again I can't believe how big Sophia has gotten and gosh is she ever so cute!

Cheri and Shane said...

I'm so excited to see the new blog!! :)

Love ya & miss ya!

Alyson & Ford said...

New blog? Surprises? We will stay tuned....

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Seven Weeks!

Kevin and Kimberly said...

I love the artwork/print that you used in this post...where did you find that?

Can't wait to see your new blog!!

Kim :)