Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to happiness

Where we are now....
5/2/09 - decided to adopt a second daughter from China
5/3/09-4/4/10 - lots of paperwork
4/5/10 -DTC for Amelia Grace
4/19/10 - LID
5/22/10 - Amelia Grace's referral
5/23/10 - LOI
5/27/10 - PA
7/12/10 - LOA
8/3/10 - Provisional Approval
8/12/10 - NVC conformation letter
Article 5 - we got it - 8/30/2010
TA - 9/15/2010
Travel date - 10/20/2010
Family Day - 10/25/2010
CA - 11/3/2010
Flight Home - 11/4/2010
We can't wait to become a family of 4....
We have been busy preparing for our little addition. Sorting clothes, moving furniture and registering at Target. I had almost forgotten how fun it was to be expecting :)
Our agency is saying we may be traveling as early as September 15th. We are currently waiting on the Article 5 from the US Consulate in Gunagzhou China. Once we have this all we will need is the Travel Approval (TA) from the CCAA (Chinese agency that over sees adoptions). They are expecting the Article 5 on Aug. 30 2010. We will be applying for our Visa's soon and then before you know it we will be on our way to China once again. We can hardly believe how blessed we are.
the pictures below are of Amelia Grace opening the care package we sent to her. The 2 ladies in the photos are part of the True Children's home staff. The younger of the 2 is the Foster Care coordinator from the True Children's Home. The older of the 2 ladies is Amelia Grace's foster mother. It warms our hearts to see how well she is bring cared for and how happy she appears to be.
Happy does not begin to capture our feelings...

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