Sunday, June 21, 2009

The True measure of a man

Dear Riz,
This is not your first Father's Day,but your second. Last year we were blessed with the most amazing gift of parenthood on Father's Day. I watched you go from being a man, a husband to a Father in the blink of an eye. Standing there in that hot Civil affairs office in Nanchang China I saw not only a child gain a family but I saw a father born before my eyes. Becoming a father was a long time coming for you, but I think that time has given you the gift of gratitude and appreciation. I always knew that Fatherhood would suite you and it has in more ways then I had ever imagined. I knew you would be an awesome dad and you are just that. I always knew that your heart would melt when you heard the words I love you Daddy or when she cried or even when she laughed and it in fact has melted many times in the past year. . Being a "Father" is so much more then biology, Fatherhood comes from the heart, it comes from the desire to nurture a little sole into a healthy, happy human. You have all of those things and so much more. The true measure of a man is shown when he becomes a parent. How will he handle parenthood? It is shown in all the little things that get over looked on a day to day basis. The bed time stories, and night time bathes, the snuggling on the couch and the being firm when it is called for, all of the kissed boo boos and the dried tears it is measured in the laughter that is heard in a home. It is measured in the TOTAL enjoyment of spending every possible moment with your child and exposing your child to everything life has to offer even those things that you don't like (ie. sand, seafood and children's music). It is all of these things and the wish to do them all over and over again just to see the happiness it brings to your child's face and to hear her laughter again and again. The true measure of a man is what kind of father they are.. you are an amazing Man and a GREAT father. I am so proud of you and so happy that Sophia has you as a father and that I have you as a husband,,,,,

Happy Fathers Day

We love you
Susan and Sophia


Cheri and Shane said...

Such a great post about such a wonderful man & father! Riz, Happy Father's Day!! We love you guys and hope that you have the best day ever!! Give Sophia big hugs & kisses from us! :)

Tom & Debbie said...

Happy Fathers are blessed!!
Love, Tom & Debbie

cousin breanna said...

happy father's day uncle Riz,what a sweet post cute pics.but there is one thing you didn't put on the things uncle Riz doesn't mushrooms!!!

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Beautiful post, Susan! Wish Riz a Happy Father's day from Kev and I. I sent you a Father's Day message on FB, but it disappeared somewhere....missed seeing you yesterday..I hope you had a good time!

Love the photos!

Sherri & Todd said...

That is so so sweet! The pictures are beautiful...Happy Father's Day Riz

Sherri, Todd and Sam

Stephe said...

Awesome Post, Awesome Family!!!

Happy Father's Day Riz!

Hugs All! Stephe & G

Anonymous said...

I am late on this one but am so glad I read this!!! We have some amazing hubbies eh? Hugs to Riz for being a great one!!!!! Sophia is so blessed!!!!