Monday, March 23, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Check out "I'm an Organizing Junkie" for her and many other meal plans for this week. I get a lot of good ideas from her readers, I'm sure you will too...

This weeks meal plan will actually be for two weeks because we are leaving for vacation on Sunday the 29th for a week. I am going to be super busy this week preparing for our trip. I hate to come home to a dirty house so I have to do that among other things. So the meal plan this week is full of not so healthy food but I will be working on that in the near future. I decide rather then try and do a meal plan while we are away I would just post the two weeks today..So here it is..

Meal plan for week of March 23rd- April 5th

Monday - Cheeseburger Hamburger helper

Tuesday - Chicken Tacos and all the fixings

Wednesday - Ziti, meat balls, salad and garlic bread

Thursday - Left overs (which usually means grilled cheese or some sort of take out in our house) We rarely have left overs and if we do have them and they are enough for an other whole meal we freeze it for a future nights meal...

Friday- Hot dogs and Macaroni and cheese

Saturday- Sophia's second Birthday Party so party food :)

Vacation begins

Sunday - We leave for vacation and will be at Wendy's we always go to our favorite Mexican restaurant our first night in Savannah, Ga. Jalapenos is a great place for Mexican food if you are ever in the Savannah area.

Monday- Will be a toss up not sure yet where we will eat but it will be out I am sure.

Tuesday - Sophia's actual Birthday so we will celebrate at our favorite Japanese Restaurant Heiwa's and then have cupcakes from Bake in the day Bakery. Riz, Wendy's and Kate's Birthday's are also this week so we will be celebrating their birthday's as well.

Wednesday - We will be leaving Savannah and head towards Atlanta, Ga were we plan to take in the sights of Atlanta and see our friends and travel mates from Love Times Two. We are looking forward to seeing them. We will eat out this night but not sure were yet.

Thursday - Riz's birthday so his choice I'm guessing The Varsity for a Chili Dog and a frosted Orange...He has simple taster really LOL. We will be spending the day at the High Museum taking in the Terracotta Warrior Exhibit from China.

Friday - I think we will be having dinner with our travel mates

Saturday - We head for home so food on the highway...

Sunday- We have friends coming in from Ohio who used to live around the corner from us. We plan to have dinner with them so it will either be our favorite Chinese restaurant that I am sure they have been missing or Mexican (we have great Mexican restaurant's in our town.)

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mumma to many said...

Yum! Wish I was coming too! Have a great time and enjoy! Happy birthday's to all!
Love Ruth in NZ