Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It has been far to long

Since I was last here posting about what is going on in our lives. I can hardly believe it has been more then 2 months since I last posted here. Several people have asked me if I was going to stop blogging now that we are home with Sophia and I have always said no that I love doing it and I intend on keeping up with it. I still feel that way so I am going to try and get back to it on a more regular basis. The summer has been full of fun things for us. Day trips to Disney World, St. Augustine, The Beach, We had a Reunion of good friends, We had company for a few days when our travel mates the Love family came and stayed with us. We spent time with our other travel mates The Gonzales family and as always with our best and longest friends Matt and Lisa. On top of all of that we had a visitor from Hong Kong, our friend Bruce brought his daughter Anya her to spend the summer with his mom so we visited with them and got to see his lovely wife Elza when she came to retrieve Anya. I have more to share with you all about their visit later in the post.We went on Vacation with our good friends the Hylands to The Great Smoky Mountains and had lots of fun. Riz and I have been busy working and just living with a 2 1/2 year old in the house now. We are having tons of fun with her and love this 2 year old age. Something else that has been keeping us busy is that we have started the paperwork to return to China for a sister for Sophia. We are very close to being DTC and are going back with our good friends the Palumbos who we traveled with for Sophia and their daughter Claire. It has been busy and stressful getting all of the paperwork together for that but we know in the end it will be well worth all the stressful moments. Sophia has been busy too this summer. We attended several friends birthday parties. We got together with lots of families with kids her age and she has been having a really good time playing , learning to share and wait her turn. Sophia is also attending The Little Gym now twice a week and we are all loving that. It is so wonderful o see how much she enjoys it and how excited she is each time we drive up to The Little gym. She is learning so much form Gym (as she calls it) and we could not be more proud of her. She can walk on the balance beam (high and Low) by herself, She loves the rings and the uneven bars. Her favorite is the Ball time and she is learning that the balls are for everyone to SHARE...Sophia's vocabulary has taken off this summer and we now have a little chatterbox in the house. She is now talking in sentences and putting more and more words together everyday.She is talking a mile a minute, her memory blows us away and her comprehension is, well lets just say we are watching what we talk about around her now... LOL... We have started preparations for the Holidays already. The house is decorated for Halloween and Sophia will be attending a few Parties and of course we will be Trick or Treating. Her costumes this year for the first party she will be a Ballerina, the second she is going in a Toga (as a Greek Goddess) and for the big night she will be her FAVORITE Disney Character Mulan (Pictures to follow). We will be going to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend to pick a pumpkin to carve and to get some great Fall pictures, now if only the weather here in Florida would cool down. I picked out her Christmas dress yesterday it is really cute and we plan to have her pictures done soon so we can send out Christmas cards ASAP. Sophia has been talking a lot about Santa Clause (Gaga Clause) a LOT! and we can't wait to see Christmas through her eyes this year. Now on to the pictures from this summer. I promise to post the Pumpkin patch pictures and Halloween pictures as we get those done and I am going to make every effort to update more frequently...Thanks for sticking around and being interested in our life as a growing family.

These are pictures from our summer I hope you enjoy them

A Day at the beach with the girls. Sophia, Allyson, Ashley and Lisa (no pictures of me or Lisa it is forbidden to see pictures of us in a bathing suite LOL)

One of our many trips to Disney over the summer this time we stayed at Coronado Springs they have a great pool and Sophia loves to swim there.

We rode the Choo Choo Train at Downtown Disney. Sophia loves to ride any Choo Choo train ..

Sophia got her ears pierced over the summer courtesy of Uncle Mike and Cousin Travis

My Best Friend, Lisa and I took a road trip to get some of the Paperwork done for our second adoption. We had a great time and it was a fun day
State Certified Paperwork Done!

On an other trip to the Magic Kingdom over the summer . She loves the carousel too

Photo Shoot for the Dossier
and 1 year post placement visit.
Random cuteness

She is developing her own style and we love that.

We attended our good friend Mary Alice's Birthday party at a GREAT Splash Park.
I bet you guessed it was Barney Themed right?

On an other trip to Disney (EPCOT this time) Sophia met her IDOL Minnie Mouse. She was so cute and not sure what to do but she talked about her the rest of the day.She is fearless
We spend lots of time at the park letting Sophia play and once a month or sometimes more daddy takes Sophia there and they spend some quality Daddy and Daughter time.
Our FCC group had a Moon Festival celebration at the beginning of Oct. The girls are all so beautiful and are developing such great friendships.

Our first taste of Fall this year was on our vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains.

and Sophia discovered the electronic horse and loved it so much she road everyone we would come across..

We were with our good friends The Hylands.
Sophia and Hope are 3 days apart in age and life long friends.

I had a few more pictures I wanted to share with you all from The Love's visit this summer but after 4 times trying to get them to load I have given up. I will share them in a separate post in a few days....They are so adorable...